11 Mahdia dorm fire victims laid to rest

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Eleven of the 20 young children who died during the Mahdia dorm fire in Guyana have been laid to rest, at a funeral that has touched the entire country

Two weeks ago, a student who was reportedly angry after the dorm at the Mahdia Secondary School mother confiscated her cellphone set the place on fire killing 19 girls and one boy

Natalie Bellarmine, Andrea Roberts, Lorita Williams, Nickleen Robinson, Sherlyn Bellarmine, Lisa Robert, Cleoma Simon, Tracil Thomas, Delecia Edwards, Arianna Edwards and Sherana Daniels were buried following a joint service in their hometown Micobie.

Dr Mohammed Irfaan Ali, Guyana’s president attended the service to pay his respects to the young women.

“I recommit to all of these families our love and our continued support. We are going to ensure that these girls and our little boy, that their lives are marked with a legacy of positive change in these communities,” Ali stated.

He told those gathered that those who died will be remembered “through the implementation of positive change in their communities”

Ali also used the opportunity to admonish parents not to let the latest tragedy prevent them from sending their children outside of their community in search of a high-quality education.


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