12 students involved in CHSS brawl on behavioral contracts

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Director of Education Clare Browne

Director of Education Clare Browne has confirmed that the female students involved in a fight at the Clare Hall Secondary School (CHSS) on the last day of the pre-easter term have all signed behavioral contracts

Browne told State Media ABS, that the decision was taken following a meeting with the twelve students and their guardians at the Ministry of Education last week Friday.

“The Ministry of Education would have determined that all of the children would be placed on behavioral contracts, would be subjected to counseling and each of the 12 would be put to some form of community service”, he said

The students were third, fourth, and fifth formers and the behavioral contracts were signed with the consent of their parents

“They understand they were required to sign a contract and the behavioral contract requires them to come to classes every day, going to classes on time, staying on the school grounds, having a positive attitude, focus on learning, respect other people’s property, taking responsibility for personal belonging, not engaging in any form of bullying inclusive of cyberbullying and resolving conflicts peacefully”, Browne told State Media

The detailed report presented to the Ministry of Education by the CHSS indicated that one-third former and two-fourths formers were the major players in the fight

“The Ministry will go to the ultimate in the event there is any major breach. We understand that we have to counsel, encourage and support them because they are still learning. The ministry is not jumping to any last resort punishment at this time,” he said

The fifth formers involved in the clash will not be allowed to graduate if there are any breaches between now and graduation.

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  1. karen mcrae

    thank you for doing some actions to these unbecoming behaviour of school children


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