15 reports of rape for 2023; Atlee Rodney

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney

Police say they have received fifteen reports of rape in Antigua and Barbuda for the year already

Atlee Rodney, the country’s police chief told an interview with NewsCo on Friday morning that even one report of rape is disturbing

“Any form of rape or disrespect to a female is bad. A large number of the fifteen cases are known by the victim. Persons connected with the victim. They are members of their community, their family…” Rodney said

He also claimed that some of the cases involved broken relationships

“We have a lot of reports where a relationship came to an end and the partner believes that I still have the access and the authority to go and interfere with the persons…We have these cases coming to our attention” Rodney said

Rodney said there must be more players from the community to stand up against race

Last week a woman reported that she was raped in broad daylight by young men brandishing guns.

They attempted to rob the woman but when they learned she had nothing of value, they raped her instead.

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  1. Anonymous

    Lord help. May these rapists be brought to justice!


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