ABWU wins bargaining rights for Antigua Plumbing and Courts



About 40-line staff at the Antigua Plumbing and Hardware Center will assist the Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union in drafting a proposal for improved conditions and benefits which will then be submitted to the company’s management.

The ABWU won the bargaining Rights for Antigua Plumbing in September when workers there elected the union as their sole bargaining agent.

According to a press statement from the ABWU, last week, the staff met for the first time with the Union to discuss matters surrounding their conditions of work.

ABWU President and Senior Industrial Relations Officer, Kem Riley, will lead the negotiations with the Company.

Riley commended the workers for their display of solidarity and urged them to remain united as the Union engages in negotiations with the Company.

Meanwhile, the Managerial Employees at Unicomer Antigua & Barbuda Ltd. (Courts) also elected the ABWU as their sole bargaining agent on September 07, 2022.

Industrial Relations Consultant, Harry Josiah, will lead the negotiations to increase existing benefits.

The acquisition of this unit is part of the Union’s broader vision to expand its services to individuals employed at various levels of management.


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