Apple Unveils iPhone 14



There seems to be no end to the innovations of the international tech company Apple as the iPhone makers launched yet another device on Wednesday. After months of speculations, Apple has announced the release of the iPhone 14 with amazing new features. 

At the event held at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, and streamed by over 400,000 people, Apple displayed the new iPhone 14, which has an improved camera and battery life. The various versions of the new iPhone are 14, 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and Pro Max. 

Analysts have predicted an increase in price due to inflation and other economic factors, but to everyone’s surprise, the new products retained the prices for last year’s models. The iPhone 14 goes for $799, while the iPhone 14 Plus goes for $899. The other two products, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max sell for $999 and $1099 respectively. 

Leo Gebbie, principal analyst, connected devices at CCS Insight, said: “It is impressive that Apple has maintained year-on-year pricing parity on the new iPhone 14 devices in the US.”

“We had anticipated that inflation, increased production and component costs, and other expenses such as more expensive shipping would have led Apple to increase its retail pricing,” Leo added. 

Analysts like Leo had previously predicted a $100 increase in each of the products. 

Apart from the iPhone 14, Apple also announced the release of other devices, including apple watches and AirPods. All the devices were improved versions of previous ones.

Features of the new devices

The iPhone 14 line consists of four different smartphones. The new iPhone 14 has a smaller screen of 6.1-inch compared to the iPhone 14 plus which has a larger screen of 6.7inch. 

The iPhone 14 has a 12 MP main camera with bigger pixels and improved sensors. However, for the first time, the new front camera has auto-focus which allows it to focus on multiple distances in low light for better group selfies. It also has the distinctive feature of letting users keep videos stable while moving. The iPhone 14 Pro line also comes with the first-ever 48 MP camera on an iPhone.

The devices are available in five colours; starlight, midnight, blue, purple, and red. 

A physical SIM card will not be necessary for the new iPhone 14. The device will use a digital “e-SIM’ card, and multiple e-SIMS can be stored on the same device. This move will add to users’ security, as there will not be a physical sim to be removed should the phone be stolen. Apple said all US models of the iPhone would no longer have the SIM tray. 

The company said the products would be available in the coming days.