DOMINICA: Four M16 magazines and 17 20-gauge ammunition found as pastor is arrested

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Jason Grogg and his family

Lawmen in Dominica have arrested a religious leader and two members of his family after illegal ammunition and a powerful gun were found in a container belonging to them.

Jason Grogg from Indiana USA arrived in Dominica to work alongside the Feed My Sheep Ministries located in Mahaut.

Feed My Sheep said Grogg became abusive, fraudulent, and questionable over time, forcing the religious organization to report him to the police.

Police Inspector Fixton Henderson said guns and ammunition were also found at Grogg’s home in Belfast.

“During the search one 9mm Glock pistol along with a quantity of 9mm and 20mm ammunition among other items were seized for investigations. Also, a 40-foot storage container, which was in the possession of Jason Grogg and stored on the compound of a church in Mahaut was seized and searched.”

When police searched the container,” four M16 magazines, each containing 30 rounds of ammunition, as well as 17 20-gauge ammunition were recovered and seized for investigations”, Henderson said.

Grogg could be charged with trafficking unlicensed firearms and ammunition into the country.

In response Grogg accused Feed My Sheep of using the name of God for financial gain.

“A deception is an act of war, and the same distinctions that we make between murder and killing must be made between lying and lawful deception. The sinful forms of deception are those which introduce a state of civil war and animosity into communities that ought to be at peace.”

“…Feed My Sheep’s willfulness, stubbornness, and all the real problems come when they (for personal reasons) refuse to extend biblical principles”


  1. Anonymous

    Like Somebody planning a coup in this region yeh

  2. Mae

    Is this another Jim Jones that happened in Guyana in 1978??

  3. Anonymous

    He needs to be treated like the criminal he really is, hiding behind religion like they all do. Hope he is severely charged.

  4. Lairy Prince

    Where are the weapons we have to find them he has to talk by any means necessary I’m hoping that he is fine to be a thousand dollars each on every rounds of ammo twenty five thousand dollars for the nine fire arm

  5. Joyrose

    Well, garling says, trust no shadow.
    Every shadow is a man with a gun.
    So …

  6. Leslove

    Gansta Pastor The Devil is working harder than we think. One day we will wake up, we are so quick to judge the ones who look like us and give every other race the green light to get in front of us. Study your history so this kind of issue isn’t shocking.

    • Anonymous

      The last comment, your comment is so TRUE, It seems that Black People are the only people still asleep on the Planet . We need wake-up, unite,and embrace ourselves ,
      and stop inviting and allowing these UNDESIRABLES into or country. Vett these people before letting them in. It is the only way to avoid scavengers.


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