Letter to Editor: Teacher fired because of pregnancy

Editorial Staff


Dear Editor,

My eyes were filled with tears when I first heard of this story. I can’t believe this happened in Antigua. A very close friend of mine worked for a certain Christian school for a year, since 2018 to be exact.

This young lady worked ridiculously hard for this establishment, along with many others. She also went through some serious ordeals while working there which included the police due to being stalked, with little compassion from her employers. She still gave the school her all.

My friend had a human experience and became pregnant. At three months she with to her supervisor and informed her of the situation. The young lady was given a false sense of hope, not knowing the day after would have been her last day at work.

By the weekend she received a WhatsApp message from her supervisor, which directed her to write a letter to inform the superintendent of her state. She confirmed what it was that needed to be in the letter and she agreed. She then got a call a day later from her supervisor and was told she needs to resign immediately, type the letter, and drop it off Monday. My friend was completely shaken.

With the knowledge she had, she seeks for advice from different personnel. One thing was very clear to everyone; she should not resign. Monday came around she went up to the school to have the letter printed and delivered.

The letter was given to the supervisor, she then asked “Is this a letter of resignation?” the young lady responded, “No, it’s not. It’s the letter to inform the superintended of the pregnancy”.

People of Antigua, no phone call was made to the superintended, the young lady was told that the superintended said to go home until further notice.

Filled with tears, regret, shame, and worry she went down to the canteen ate, and said her goodbyes.

As she was leaving it dawned on her that she should ask for a letter, just for documentation.

She went to the supervisor at that point her daughter who works at the school was in the office. She made her request for the letter and was told she doesn’t need one.

A bit of a debate happened because this young lady wanted proof that she was sent home.

“The young lady’s name, this private property! If the superintended wants you off his property he has the right.” She left, immediately.

One week went by and nothing. The second week rolled around she got a call to come to school to collect a letter.

She went the Monday morning and received the letter that determine her faith.  She received the letter with grace and nervousness and went down to say hello to her student and co-workers. Eventually, she got to a private spot and read the letter and there she realized that she no longer has a job. She when back to her supervisor and ask if she can meet with the superintendent to clarify the letter.

She has not heard from the school since that day. It is coming on two months since she got the letter, and she is yet to receive her gratuity cheque from the school.

My friend is now an unemployed single mother with a 9-year-old and pregnant with a baby that “cost her, her job”.

It very unfortunate situation she’s in.  She has already received enough judgment. She going in and out of depression because of the worry of rent, bills, and basic food.

If you are interested in helping this young lady in any way you can contact 1268782-3956 via WhatsApp.

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  1. Simone Sheckle

    It’s time for these religious organizations in Antigua to stop this practice and do the right thing. God will hold you accountable for your actions. The young lady needs to report this matter to the Ministry of Labour and maybe hire a lawyer to deal with this case. #me too.


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