Man who drowned in Long Bay identified

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

By Makeida Antonio


Police have identified the man who drowned at Long Bay on Saturday as Dave Malcolm Nelson 76 years old Pares Village.

According to reports, Imran Sylvester of Pigotts Village reported that the deceased was in the water about ten feet behind him when he heard him cry for help.

He further reported that by the time he went to his assistance, the Nelson was already underwater unresponsive.

Sylvester said he brought the deceased to the shore and placed him on his back and called 9-11

When EMT personnel came to the scene shortly after they met Nelson lying on his back. He appeared to be dead.

Police say no marks of violence were seen.

Dr. Hall arrived on the scene and pronounced the body dead at 12:22.

The Coroner Mrs. Edwards was informed and permitted to remove the body. Which was transported to the Barnes Funeral Home.

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  1. Mystic

    Just Curious as I’m Nearing 76 .
    Gotta Excercise Caution
    Stroke Pressure Body Temp!.
    Preparation is good ” Warm Up!


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