Syrians in Antigua say “Allah Revenge” Letter is “Fake” and does not have their support

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Syrians living in Antigua and Barbuda are distancing themselves from a letter that has been making rounds on social media, threatening that their God Allah will take revenge for the killing of -year-old Roudi Shmlay

A Syrian living here told our newsroom that the letter could not have been written by a God-fearing Syrian.

“First off, they used the word, Allah which is God but only Muslims who don’t change the name of God so they call him Allah no matter what language they speak. Christians don’t have that mentality so we call him a God in English but when speaking in Arabic we call him Allah” the Syrian said

Furthermore, he said Shmlay was a Christian and a Christian community and a Christian background so “if his family or friends wrote this, they wouldn’t have written it in this form. Writing it this way has one purpose, which is to indicate that it has been written by Arabs plus the ending of the message in Arabic is something only terrorist radical Muslims say so this is just pure fabrication”, the Syrian said

The man who did not want his name disclosed but spoke to our newsroom via messenger believes that the letter was written by a malicious person who wants to instigate hatred between Syrians and Antiguans and Barbudans

In a screenshot-type email that is making rounds on social media dubbed: Syria Strong, the writer who seemingly signed his name in Arabic said “May Allah have mercy on these criminals in Antigua”

The letter further states that “you will be dealt with severely by higher forces in ways in which you cannot begin to imagine”.

The letter ended by warning Antiguans that “All that obeah and science song you listen, you will see how real it can get”

Our newsroom could NOT authenticate the letter.

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  1. rudegyal

    Y’all should have never posted the first story. It was very misleading and extremely irresponsible to paint the Syrian community in Antigua like Islamic extremists. Also, just ignorant as hell.

    Who runs this site???


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