Teens drown in separate incidents in Guyana

Editorial Staff


​Two families in Guyana suffered tragic losses over the weekend when their teenage sons drowned in separate incidents.

A 14-year-old boy named Nathaniel Nelson drowned at about 07:30 am on Sunday. He was with friends whom police say handed over their mobile phones with a relative and left

“They went swimming and played (Ready – Ketcha) in the Creek when Nathaniel went into the water, began struggling, and disappeared. As a result, a search party was formed, and subsequently, the body was retrieved at about 10:15 am,” police said.

Nelson was taken to the Orealla Health Centre, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Meanwhile, 13-year-old Anthony Gordon drowned at around 1 pm at ‘Buck Town’ Creek in Wismar, Linden, and police say he was in the company of two friends, ages 10 and 14 years.

According to reports “they were all swimming together when tragedy struck”

“Gordon reportedly ran into the water and subsequently submerged underwater for some time. At this point, his two friends noticed Gordon was missing and immediately raised an alarm. Some residents came out and searched the entire area. Gordon’s body was later discovered at the bottom of the Creek in a motionless state,” police said.

He was pronounced dead at the hospital. 


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