The Port to Enforce Stricter Safety Regulations Following the Death of a Worker

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Darwin Telemaque, the General Manager of the Antigua and Party Port Authority

The management of the Antigua Port Authority is aiming to strengthen current safety regulations to create a safer working environment for port workers and individuals operating at the Deep-Water Harbour facility.

This decision comes in response to the tragic passing of Denroy Harrigan, a 59-year-old Stevedore employed at Carib Seas Limited.

Harrigan was fatally injured on July 18th when a truck crushed him while he was unloading cargo from a container at the cargo port.

Port Manager Darwin Telemaque stated in a media interview that their plan involves implementing additional safety measures and ensuring strict compliance with existing regulations.

“I have spoken to our lawyers spoken to the team from Carib Seas I have spoken to my management team as well we are rolling out some new initiatives focusing on safety and adherence to those rules.

“We are going to look at what could be done to prevent that, what we ought to do to strengthen, and what we need to do in the area of compliance”, Telemaque said.

Speaking specifically to the measures he said the idea is not necessary to introduce new protocols, but strictly enforce existing ones.

Regarding the ongoing investigation, Telemaque mentioned that the police have already visited the scene, spoken to the port’s security personnel, and reviewed the available information.

The authorities are currently compiling their report.

Moreover, discussions have also been held with the owner and driver of the truck involved in the incident, and this information has been shared with the police

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  1. Anonymous

    I do hope that they do this for all staff. Only one side have height pay risk.


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