Two Men Found with Illegal Firearm

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Two men have been arrested by the police and taken into custody after they were found in possession of a firearm and ammunition.

Around 2:20 am on Tuesday, 1st August, the police were conducting a stop-and-search exercise in the city, when they came across a vehicle with two male occupants on Newgate Street. A search was carried out on the vehicle and the police found one.380 pistol with several matching rounds of ammunition inside.

The two men, both 19 years old of Ottos and Barnes Hill respectively, were arrested. The vehicle was also seized and taken to Police Headquarters pending further investigations.

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  1. Mae

    These young men need to stop bringing shame and disgrace on their parents especially their mothers. They’re behaving like Satan going around causing evil on mankind and society. They need to do more think and less acting.


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