VIDEO: Man Shot Dead by Police During Chase

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff



Medical officials at the Sir Lester Bird Medical have confirmed that a man died after being shot by police last night

Information remains sketchy at this time but the chase was caught on camera and gunshots were heard in the residential neighborhood.

The police were caught on video putting the man at the back of their police van.


  1. Sample

    He was running so he wasn’t a threat
    If he was not armed why shoot ???
    Why shackle a man that’s dead already ??
    Why don’t we have inquest for police killings?

  2. Hallelujah Amen

    Thats murder
    and the officer involved should be charged

  3. Can't stand wicked and badminded humans

    Evil evil evil murdering sons of B .
    They throw him in the back of the vehicle and not one of them go in there to put pressure on his wound. Leave him there to bleed out. Inhumane. Human Rights need to take a trip to Antigua to investigate these crimes done by police officers. It is High time. Don’t worry it will go right back to them and their children. Third and Fourth generation.

    • Anonymous

      Some people don’t even throw down their produce like that. Lord have mercy on us in this season.


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