11-year-old among four boys wanted for attempted arson in Villa

Editorial Staff


The St. John’s Police are in pursuit of two young men who were among a group of four who attempted to set ablaze a concrete house in Black Burne South in Vila this morning.

The group was caught in the act and chased by some men who were working in the area as part of the beautification team.

Two of the youths, an 11-year-old and the other around 15 were caught by the men.

The St. John’s fire truck responded in short order however the workmen had already contained the fire.

The police also arrived on the scene and now investigating the matter.


  1. John Bootcamp

    Children are continuing to cause problems in the land. These are surely the last days.

  2. Mae

    Yes, we are in the last days. However, Where are the parents for these children? Especially the fathers? Fathers come and claim your sons!


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