Man killed by lion at Ghanaian zoo after entering their Territory


Aug 30, 2022

​One middle-aged man has been mauled and killed by a lion in a zoo in Ghana after scaling security fences and landing in their enclosure on Sunday.

The Forestry Commission said: “the intruder was attacked and injured by one of the lions within the inner fencing of the enclosure,” adding that he had died of his injuries. 

Authorities believe he may have intended to abduct two white lion cubs, which are highly uncommon and have attracted a lot of attention since they were born in November.

A police inquiry has been launched to determine the attacker’s motive and the circumstances of the attack.

“We’re investigating the case to establish how the man got into the restricted area,” a police spokesperson said, speaking to AFP.

When the incident occurred, a lion, a lioness, and two cubs were inside the enclosure and it was confirmed that they are safe.

Speaking to journalists on the incident, Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources Benito Owusu Bio said: “The lions have cubs, so if you come too close, they may feel you are trying to take away their babies.”

He further pointed out that the Ministry had given warnings in times past.

“We ask the public to desist from doing anything like this,” Benito said.

The body of the victim was removed from the zoo and has been taken to a nearby morgue.