Police Commissioner attends UNCOPS in New York

Antigua and Barbuda’s Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney is in the United States attending the third UN Chief of Police Summit dubbed UNCOPS 2022 in New York.

The Summit is bringing together Ministers, Chiefs of Police, and senior representatives of regional and professional policing organizations to United Nations Headquarters

They engaged in talks on strengthening international peace, security, and development for all through the unifying power and enabling role of national and United Nations policing.

UNCOPS 2022 will advance a common understanding among current and potential police and financial contributors, the United Nations Secretariat, and United Nations system entities of what the United Nations police require to achieve their diverse and complex mandate task.

These tasks include protecting civilians, rebuilding national police services, preventing crime and conflict, and sustaining peace.

e United Nations Police Division’s role as a system-wide service provider and focal point for United Nations policing and other law enforcement matters and to reinforce ongoing efforts to enhance the performance of United Nations Police by strengthening capacities, including the launch of the Voluntary Compact on Advancing Gender Parity within the United Nations Police.

UNCOPS 2022 also offered a unique opportunity for the world’s police executives and United Nations leadership to engage in discussions on how United Nations policing and national policing mutually reinforce one another when addressing current and emerging global security challenges, including man-made and natural crises and incidents. 

Rodney also took time out of his schedule to visit the Antigua and Barbuda Mission in New York where he met with Antigua and Barbuda’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Conrod Hunte.