Antiguans Monitor Tropical Disturbance


Sep 14, 2022

​The Antigua and Barbuda meteorological service is closely following the
progress of tropical disturbance al96, which has the potential to become a
a tropical depression or tropical storm in five days and impact the islands.

Meteorologist Dale Destin said on Wednesday that given the very high uncertainty of whether al96 will become a tropical cyclone before reaching the area and even higher uncertainties of the forecast track, intensity and size, if it were to develop into a storm, it is impossible to predict what exactly will become of this system, at this time.

He said at the reasonable worst-case, disturbance al96 poses a minimal threat, but this is likely to change and an alert may be required in a day or two. to be safe, have your hurricane disaster plan prepared and monitor this system closely.
At 8 pm tropical disturbance al96 was centered about 1015 miles east-southeast of the leeward islands moving west to west-northwest at 15 mph.

“Maximum sustained winds are near 30 mph with higher gusts. Further development is possible and a tropical depression could form over the next few days. Formation chance through Thursday is 30 percent and formation chance through Sunday is 40 percent,” Destin said
He said on its forecast track, the system could be in the area on Friday or Saturday.
“Locally heavy rainfall and strong gusty winds are possible. More or less weather will depend on the eventual intensity, size, and track. Please note that no alerts, watches, or warnings are in effect, at this time, but this could change in the next 48 hours,” he said.

Residents should monitor tropical disturbances al96 closely and have their hurricane season plans prepared if they are required.

Antigua and Barbuda