CARICOM congratulates Belize on the 41st Independence Anniversary

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) on Tuesday congratulated Belize on its 41st Independence Anniversary.

Secretary-General, Dr. Carla Barnett, said in his message said CARICOM has benefitted tremendously from the commitment of the Government of Belize, through its leadership on Justice and Governance for which the government has led portfolio responsibilities in the Quasi-Cabinet of the CARICOM Conference of Heads of Government.

The theme selected for this year’s celebration, is “Valiant and Bold, Proud and Strong! Belize Rebounds @41”.

Barnet said it is a reminder to Belizeans of the characteristics needed to ensure continued progress in the development of their country.

“Belizean global contribution in the fields of science and the arts, in particular, is well documented and is indicative of the creativity of its people which has served the country well in its progress since Independence. As we join with your country to commemorate this occasion, we do so in the knowledge that the Community and its Secretariat fully support the Government and People of Belize in their efforts towards the sustainable development of the country,” Barnet said.

After several centuries as a British colony, Belize gained its independence from Great Britain on September 21, 1981.

Independence Day 2022 will be a special time in Belize as the country celebrates its 41st anniversary of gaining full sovereignty.

The occasion will be marked with several amazing celebrations, parties, and activities. Every year, Belize celebrates the September celebrations with a unique theme.


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