Mask-wearing mandate ends in Dominica

Finally, residents in Dominica can breathe freely outdoors, after the Roosevelt Skerrit-led administration decided on Thursday evening, to remove its mask-wearing mandate.

“At a cabinet meeting on Tuesday 18th, the Cabinet decided to remove the mask mandate in Dominica. So there is no more legal requirement for anyone in Dominica to wear a mask. We have taken this decision recognizing the trends with the numbers,” Skerrit said.

He said however people who want to continue wearing their masks can continue to do so. “What we are saying also is you are free to wear it if you so wish. There will be people one way or the other who wish to wear their mask and they are free to do so.” He said.

Furthermore, he stated that one of the things his government will be maintaining is that those who were involved in the food and beverage business should be wearing a mask when they are serving guests.

“This is going to become a permanent fixture in the food handlers licenses and the operations of food and beverage enterprises in Dominica,” the Prime Minister indicated.

However, he pointed out that in terms of the Covid-19 regulations under the environmental health laws, “we have removed the mask mandate so you are not obligated under law to wear a mask in the Commonwealth of Dominica.”


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