Three UPP candidate wants to cross the floor says, PM Browne


Oct 23, 2022

“Apart from Gaston Browne who else would believe such utter rubbish”? That’s the question that the United Progressive Party Leader Harold Lovell has asked, following claims by Prime Minister Browne that UPP candidates are interested in crossing the floor.

Browne said on his Saturday radio program that in recent times, at least two UPP candidates have said “to colleagues of mine that they just do not see pathways to victory”

“And what they are doing now is that they are suggesting that they are laborites that they made bad decisions and they are trying to make some kind of pathway”

Browne said there may also be a fourth candidate, one who he said would visit his office from time to time.

The prime minister did not disclose the names of the four candidates


  1. Outsider

    People cannot believe much from any of these politicians
    ….election mele’

    • Cats

      Tasty blood I’m only saying all those things just to confuse and messy people head because election is close at hand but not me I donetell myself what I tell myself


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