Malfunctioned electrical boxes blamed for water shortage

Malfunctioned electrical boxes are being blamed for water shortages in several communities for days now.

APUA’s Water Manager told Cabinet that a challenge of moisture accumulating in electrical boxes that power the individual plants malfunctioned.

“Hurricane Fiona, with its lateral winds carrying water droplets, penetrated the barriers and made the electrical boxes malfunction. Their repair required the plants to be turned off while the technicians fixed the boxes,” APUA said.

However, all the boxes are now fixed, and the Crabbes plant is working at full capacity once more.

According to the utility company, the production of potable water has returned to 7 million gallons daily, allowing every community to receive a supply almost daily. The storage tanks at every reverse osmosis plant are being filled again.

The APUA Water Manager also advised that the replacement of broken water mains in several streets in the Point Area will commence in November.

“The streets will become impassable when the old pipes are being replaced,” they said


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