Top CSEC student says success has nothing to do with luck


Oct 28, 2022

This year’s island scholar in the CSEC examinations has given what he called a map to success, telling hundreds of students that his achievements have nothing to do with luck

Chidindu Ohaegbulam, a student from the St Josephs academy emerged at the zenith of the country’s performances with 23 subjects. He delivered the feature address at this year’s Youth Rally

“I’m proud to be able to say that I achieved results that I was quite pleased with during my exams. And I can’t wait to see what’s next. But it was not by luck. No, I can assure you, it most certainly was not. I’d rather say it was more of an ideology that I caught,” he said.

He said before any student can excel, they must culminate within themselves why they want to learn

“I had a thought that caused me to reflect on what I was taught. Yes, it can be a lot. And I know we’re not robots, but we must find that sweet spot. You have to want to be taught. That’s the only way you can become that astronaut. That’s the only way you can become that astronaut. You may want to procrastinate. Think about that yacht you could have bought. Jokes aside, I want you all as students to culminate within yourselves a reason to want to learn, a reason to want to do well.” He said.

Ohaegbulam did not leave out the teachers and tutors, who he said play a very important role in the entire development of students

“Your teachers and tutors, are there to be your guide, listen and learn. Come to them with your educational problems. They are there to help you. However, I’m not going to stand here and tell you that teachers are going to chalk and talk as they paste the classroom hoping for your mind to unlock. No, it most certainly will not if you do not break the lock,” he added.

He encouraged students to find something that keeps them from getting bored while they do their work.

“Whether that may be music, your study group, or your thoughts. Your love for learning must be potent. And in truth, the earlier you can get into this mindset, the quicker you will have your mind set on your goal,” he added.

He did not end his speech without reminding students that recreation time is very important and that they shouldn’t be just all about the books.

“Once you have a well-balanced work-play attitude, your ideas would be surprised at what you can do. Truly I tell you no lies.


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