PM Browne says Franz ran away from the US

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has said that Franz DeFreitas, the United Progressive Party candidate for St John’s City South was thrown out of the United States of America.

“Is run he run away from the United States you know…You wanna take a bet on that?”, Browne said on his weekly radio station.

Browne asked, “why would a man with a family leave his beautiful family and come to Antigua to work for minimum wage and live in his brothers’ house in Villa and beg lodging like me”?

PM Browne is challenging DeFreitas, to tell the people why he was allegedly thrown out of the US

“Tell me..a run he runaway. I want to ask Franz a question. Franz when you go on the radio on Monda,y, tell the people why you run away from the US”…Gaston says he ran away from the US and I want him to tell the people why he ran away…”

The PM is giving DeFreitas, until Monday to answer the question.

All attempts to contact DeFreitas proved futile but our newsroom will continue to seek his comments on the matter


  1. Niniveh

    Gaston just like trouble

  2. T. Lee

    which CHURCH was Franz attending in NY?


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