Great optimism for the upcoming tourism season

The official start of the winter tourism season is just weeks away and despite the uncertainty caused by the rise in oil prices and inflation, Tourism Minister Charles Fernandez is optimistic that the country will benefit.

The impacts of Covid-19 coupled with the effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and continue to threaten the economic prospects of, not only Antigua and Barbuda but much of the Caribbean and the world.

Tourism Minister, Charles Fernandez, spoke on the latest observations, including the new norm of late bookings, that could impact the expectations for the next couple of months.

“What we have seen out of the pandemic is that the high-end properties did the best in other words they are more resilient in terms of the economic problems and issues our source markets would have had,” Fernandez told

He said, “I still think there’s a possibility that we will do quite well. The books are looking good and I hope we don’t see any major cancellations. So far we have not seen anything that is troubling”.

Adding, “I am hoping that the high-end properties would be able to weather the economic turmoil and I hope that the advent of the 250 rooms coming online at Jolly Beach will also auger well as an alternative to the high-end property”


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