TnT murder toll surpasses 500 so far for 2022


Oct 31, 2022

Since the start of 2022, Trinidad and Tobago has recorded over 500 murders, 504 to be exact as of October 30.

The figure is comparative for the same period last year which was 345.

In 2008, the country recorded 550 murders, the highest ever, followed by 539 in 2019.

Based on trend analysis and computer model projections by co-coordinator of the Criminology Unit at The University of the West Indies, Dr. Randy Seepersad, this year could end with 585 murders, the highest in Trinidad and Tobago history.

Seepersad says if immediate action is not taken forecast could hold.

“Even as the year winds down, the numbers appear to be holding to the data, within the acceptable margins. We’ve already crossed the lower limit. And for now, all that is left is to see how far it goes. The projections still stand, and I don’t see anything which will cause us to deviate from it as yet,” he said.

Meanwhile, criminologist Darius Figuera told the Sunday Express that he too believed this year could see the highest number of murders on record.

“What we have is a series of unfortunate events taking place. Transnational crime has seen an upswing in a period where the corridor for illegal arms trade between the United States [of America] and the Caribbean has been reopened. And this is something that is affecting the entire Caribbean region.

“We will feel it worse in Trinidad and Tobago because we live here, but when you look at the entire region, countries are seeing increased crimes via the use of firearms and increased murders all because this one corridor has reopened, along with the increase in transnational crimes,” he stated.


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