Belize wants US$11 million in aftermath of Lisa

​US $11 is what the government of Belize says it would need to meet the immediate need to provide basic food, household supplies, and construction materials for the residents most affected by Hurricane Lisa.

The category 1 hurricane battered Belize on Wednesday. Mostly the south of the island was affected.

The government says close to fifty percent of the population was affected by the hurricane but there was no loss of life.

All this comes as several organizations have already pledged their support to Belize in terms of providing supplies.

CARDI said it is willing to support the government and conduct damage assessments and the distribution of supplies to farmers while CARPHA is “on standby to provide assistance concerning the reduction of waterborne illnesses and overall disease surveillance and eradication”.

The International Federation of Red Cross is already assisting, procuring shelter kits, and cleaning and hygiene kits that can assist approximately 500 families as needed.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Belize has already assessed schools, singling out those that were damaged.

Many other organizations have pledged their support.


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