Former beauty queens get married

Editorial Staff

Nov 5, 2022

They met at the Miss Grand International competition in Thailand in 2020, where they represented their countries. But nobody knew that these two females had LGBT tendencies. We are talking about Fabiola Valentín of Puerto Rico and Mariana Valera of Argentina. The two announced this week that they had secretly married.

The joint Instagram post spurred both disgust and celebration. The LGBTQ communities across Latin America, a region that has historically lagged on gay rights but has made small steps in recent years have been doing most of the public celebrations.

“After deciding to keep our relationship private, we’re opening the doors on this special day, 28/10/22,” Valentín and Valera said in their announcement posted in an Instagram message.

The post, which was viewed by this media house several romantic photos including vacations.  Scenes of their engagement were also posted on social media.

They were married in San Juan.


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