Dominican attorney wants Dennis Byron arrested for bribery


Nov 9, 2022

Dominican attorney Cabral Douglas is calling on the Commissioner of Police in St Lucia to issue warrants for the arrest of both Sir Dennis Byron, former President of the Caribbean Court of Justice, and Dr. Francis Alexis, a current member of the Regional and Judicial Sera vices Commission, under relevant offenses of bribery laws.

In a letter to Commissioner Crusita Descartes-Pelius, Douglas said this might be the last opportunity to do so before corruption becomes institutionalized in Dominican’s electoral laws.

He said Byron in December 2019 was appointed, without legal, regulatory, or constitutional authority as the Sole Electoral Reform Commissioner for Dominica, unlawfully receiving $EC450,000.00 in compensation from Dominican taxpayers, with no intention of providing a legal framework to make elections in Dominica free and fair.”

Douglas, the son of former Dominican prime minister Rosie Douglas said the bribery occurred in Dominica when the Skerrit Administration decided to become the first (and only) OECS country to embrace the jurisdiction of the CCJ, giving credibility to its then President, Dennis Byron, who at the time, was facing allegations of gross mismanagement, corruption, and mass resignations from the court.

He is further accusing Dennis Byron of using Jurist Project funds received by the Canadian government to bribe Dr. Francis Alexis before unlawfully appointing him under Article V(e) of the Agreement establishing the CCJ which calls for 2 “members of civil society” which Alexis was not (as Chair of the Grenadian Constitution Reform Committee) advocating for Grenada to embrace the jurisdiction of the CCJ, which it has not due to 2 failed referendums (2016 and 2018).

“Roosevelt Skerrit is now asking Byron to return the favor in a high-stake political game of quid pro quo threatening to permanently derail democracy in Dominica creating a one-party dictatorship,”

“The Skerrit administration has called elections for 6 December 2022, without electoral reform, paving the way for him to steal yet another election, as confirmed by Byron in a letter to the leader of the opposition dated 6 November 2022,” Douglas wrote in his letter to the commissioner.

He said in his very worded communique that the matter of bribery was first reported to the relevant Police Departments on 24 October 2017 in Trinidad and Tobago.

This is only a private accusation. Until conviction, there is the presumption of innocence.


  1. Observer

    Please give the good man break. I have every respect for Sir. Byron

  2. No reform no election

    This man has no credibility or if not he lost all of it. He needs to be arrested asap for supporting a corrupt Roosevelt skerrit administration.

  3. KalingoJustice

    I have said it before and rogues like by-run has vindicated me, that all black leadasses are rogues!!

    • Glen

      Kalinago justice you hit the nail 100% on the head.All black leadasses are really roguses thats why the black race were slaves and up till today blacks are backward. Look at Africa with so much resoruces and it is so poor. Black leaders go into office to enrichen themselves and oppress their people

  4. Tic tac

    Where there is smoke there is fire.

  5. Jaded

    Douglas’ usual rant is all over the place. Don’t bother try to connect the dots because there is no logic here. His fantastical utterances and writings are objectives of both bemusement and amusement.

  6. Ladesa

    Dennis Byron is a political hack of RSkerrit and is hiding in St Lucia in his posh castle at Choc Bay.

    Mrs Pelius would be well served if there is sufficient evidence to prosecute Dennis Byron

  7. Caribbean citizen

    All the reason caribbean jurisdictions should never part with the privy council. Sad to say but many of our judges are known to be political hacks, biased and corrupt. I see the SLP administration in Saint Lucia is quickly trying to gain membership in this corrupt institution. I wonder why?

    Mrs Descartes-Pelius will do nothing about the allegation since she is just a puppet of the current Labor administration.

  8. Patriot Lucian

    It in so ,so so so sad coins ,men who should have been held in high esteem ends up selling their integrity and their souls for a few pieces of silver .
    Referendum for St.Lucia or No CCJ!


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