Another journalist killed in Haiti as violence continues

Journalists are dying in Haiti like never before. Today Thursday, the 8th journalist has been killed this year alone but reporters say covering the madness over there is worth the risk.

According to reports from the Inter-American Press Association, members of the media are being attacked, as Haiti grapples with surging gang violence and targeted attacks against members of the media.

The latest Fritz Dorilas, who worked with Radio Tele Megastar, was shot dead near his home in Tabarre, northeast of the capital Port-au-Prince.

“We continue to deplore crimes against journalists this bloody year in our region. The lack of justice gives even more incentive to the violent individuals.” IAPA official Carlos Jornet said in a statement.

Haiti is a country in crisis. Armed gangs have overtaken the capital of Port-au-Prince.

Electricity and clean drinking water are in very short supply and there’s been an outbreak of cholera. Half the population is facing acute hunger.

Haiti’s government has asked for international assistance. But many Haitians don’t want that.


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