Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Update: Jowana Lee alive and well

The family of Jowana Lee of Swetes has made contact with her today.

According to the police, she has indicated to her family that she is well.

Police spokesman Frankie Thomas says nevertheless, the police will be continuing investigations into the matters

On Saturday night, the family of the 29 years-old filed a missing person report, saying that she was last seen around 10:00 am on Wednesday 9th November, prior to her leaving home to go to Liberta.

A report of her disappearance was made at the All Saints Police Station by a family member around 7:30 pm on Saturday 12th November.

They said at the time that several efforts were made to contact her by phone, but have proven unsuccessful.


  1. Duty Chaplain

    These situations remain perplexing in a number of wsys … Waiting to really hear more as I pray for openness and continued safety for all

  2. Debs

    Quite a worrying situation especially for her family/loved ones. I pray that she is safe.

  3. Iowa Kernan

    I’ve said to people if you go out and don’t intend in returning at least contact your family. Send a text and say I’m ok. Because in the absence of that Many people can be worried. I pray she’s ok.


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