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Editorial Staff

The Rose has taken over Antiguan men

Happy Meetings. Great reunions. That’s what the carefully packed label says, with a rose on the box. It is the number one selling product on Amazon and according to surveys, 46 out of 50 women in Antigua and Barbuda own “The Rose”.

It is a sex toy that has somehow overtaken men. This is in no way bashing the male and the organ made for pleasure but the women we interviewed confessed that their new lover; The Rose, has somewhat overtaken their husbands and partner

“There are cat scratches on my bathroom wall. They are from my nails. It represents the pleasure The Rose brings and I am not ashamed about it,” a woman told Antigua.news

The suction toy which is sweeping households has been the holy grail of toys and has users obsessed.

“I bought one because all my friends have one. Even well-respected women in high places own a rose. It is just a must-have,” a proud user said, claiming that she “gets there” in 5 seconds.

One woman even claimed that she broke up with her boyfriend after she bought The Rose. “To be honest I don’t even think men are necessary. And if they go then the Rose is always there,” she said.

Another joked that she would have to consult her Rose before she ventures into any relationship. “Whomever it is would have to be able to bring me that 4 seconds of pleasure,” she laughed

But not everyone is as dazzled by the rose toy. One woman told our newsroom that it is a devil’s tool.

“That makes no sense. We were created to be intimate with humans, not toys. It brings nothing to the table other than a quick fix which is essentially what the world is into these days,” a lady said, admitting that she “would never waste her money on such nonsense”

Some men we interviewed could care less about the toy, saying that they would rather have their ladies own The Rose than a real “keep man”


  1. Fitzroy Matthew

    Roses Are RED.
    Violets ARE BLUE
    Sugar is Sweet My LOVE
    But NOT as Sweet as YOU.
    Who u Calling U??
    You Too.? No Clue
    Wha Woman Can.. DO
    Warped Mimed Mines
    Harvesting Declines
    Toys R Us Collundrun
    Women join with TOYs.
    Man Dem Black Widow Soldiers
    Want to Destroy…

  2. Anonymous

    Hate to say it and put it out there but that can never take the place of a man because remember there’s nothing like the real deal or should I say the real beef 100% and especially if it’s black real talk

    • Anonymous

      I second this

    • Anonymous

      Am not interested in the rose at all but be careful about color because my husband is white but I can say hmmmmm he is big bold and beautiful down there and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world and he is good very good and I love it when he last long really long enjoying every bit of it

  3. Anonymous

    What a waste 🗑 what next Devil.

  4. Dave Ray

    The world is evolving. People will find all sorts of gadgets or implement to pleasuring themselves for instant gratification. Itv will never change. The human interaction experience is being challenged by devices in every area. It started with the microwave. Who knew?

  5. Anonymous

    The toy is super great but you don’t have to use it alone. Sex toys are to enhance sexual pleasure with your partner. Share it with you partner and enjoy a blast


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