WhatsApp to introduce voice status update

Writing the right words on a WhatsApp status is not so easy. So many times, users of the instant messaging app write a status update and end up deleting the texts several times because it is a challenge getting the right words to express one’s exact feelings. The new WhatsApp feature will no doubt be interesting for people like that.

Currently under trial is a new feature that allows Whatsapp users to share voice notes on their status updates. Currently, WhatsApp only allows users to share pictures, short videos, and links on their Whatsapp statuses. However, when this new feature is rolled out, users will be able to share a voice clip with their contacts. The next WhatsApp update might come along with this new feature.

How the new feature works

The new status update will maintain the same 30 seconds duration for other forms. That means users will not be able to upload statuses that are longer than the usual 30 seconds and will disappear at the end of 24 hours. To record their voice, users will need to click on the microphone icon and say what they want, as in recording a regular voice message. Users can also add texts to the status update if they so wish.

Users can also select who they want to see their voice status update. This can be done in the privacy setting. Until this new feature is added to the updated WhatsApp, it would be too early to know how exactly how the feature works.

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    This is gonna be an interesting update 👏


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