Inclement weather disrupts schools in Trinidad

Schools were closed on Monday in Trinidad and Tobago and electricity and water supplies were cut as well.

Heavy rains have been causing mudslides and ciaos there and the government has been scrambling to ensure residents are safe

“We are shoring up embankments where we can…and we are on the field in those areas. We are in reconnaissance, search and rescue, and helping people out. As the rains ease… and God willing we get drier days, we are on immense clean-up activities,” Local Government Minister Faris Al Rawi told a news conference

Al Rawi said Trinidad and Tobago had “five days of significant weather and urged people to be extremely careful.

“Even though you may see a break in the rains, the important thing is that the river and the riverine situation is such that they are full and are at capacity. When they breach …they go into the low-lying areas. We are looking at swamp waters over seven feet high, so there is a vast amount of water in the position,” he said, adding that there were “83 significant flooding events…137 landslips, fallen trees 31…and there are significant road blocking events including road collapses,” he said.

Meanwhile, the staff of the power company was busy trying to restore electricity and water mains to homes.

Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales said 16 water treatment plants in Trinidad are out of commission.


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