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Editorial Staff

The UPP’s Business pull-up sets new record

A number of small businesses were patronized by the United Progressive Party (UPP) over the weekend, as part of its weekly business pullup initiative.

The party said in a press statement on Monday that close to 50 small enterprises formed part of last weekend’s initiative.

The activities continue this weekend in St Johns Rural East, where eateries, bars and convenience stores, and other enterprises will be patronized.

“The caravan will leave the Hope Institute in Clare Hall at 1:00 pm and patrons will follow the music to a number of small enterprises in Clare Hall, Skerritts Pasture, St. Johnson’s Village, Wireless, Sutherlands, Upper Gambles, Friars Hill and Cassada Gardens. The team will also share the UPP’s Small Business Agenda for Development and Growth with vendors and owners,” a statement said.

UPP Candidate for St. John’s Rural East Sean Bird, said the UPP wants to support as many of these small businesses as possible, to help boost their sales and visibility.”

Meanwhile, UPP leader Harold Lovell, said he is pleased with the level of interest and support that has been generated via the ‘Small Biz Pull Up’ initiative.

“This mobile gathering has really taken off and has revealed a proliferation of small businesses across the island. Many of our supporters look forward to the ‘Small Business Pull-up’ as part of their weekend entertainment. We have two more constituencies left to cover, so I invite everyone to come out to support these small enterprises, ” Lovell said.

Since late August, this UPP-led initiative has highlighted the important role that small businesses play in driving the economy.


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