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Former police officer acquitted after second shooting

Everton Francis, former Assistant Superintendent of Police in Antigua and Barbuda was acquitted on Wednesday for an incident in December of 2018 where he shot Kyle Maxima in the stomach.

Francis who was on bail for several; years was first charged with shooting with intent to commit murder but had his charge reduced to shooting with intent to cause grievous bodily harm

The case ended with the Justice Colin Williams upholding a no-case submission, which was filed by Sherfield Bowen, the lead attorney in the trial.

According to Justice Colin, the defendant had no case to answer because the prosecution case of shooting with intent fail to convince him that taking the case at its highest, he could never be convinced to convict the defendant

Bowen told the court that crown’s case was too weak and discredited by cross-examination and that no judge sitting as a judge alone can safely convict.

Francis was alleged to have shot Maxima when he reportedly saw him lurking outside the home at around 11 p.m. that night.

Allegations were that Maxima had been seen in the area the night before, and this aroused suspicion among villagers.

Reports at the time said that Maxima “was attempting to enter the dwelling house – and was therefore considered an intruder – when he was shot at by Francis.  The former police officer was arrested on December 23, 2018, for the act”

This was not Francis’ first shooting criminal trial or first shooting incident.

In 2010, Francis shot Jamaican national Damien Watson in March 2007. The incident happened in Jennings which led to Watson being confined to a chair from injuries he sustained as a result of the gunshot wounds

Francis had alleged that Watson had attacked him with a cutlass and, therefore, he was defending himself.  However, the evidence presented at the trial proved otherwise, and he was convicted by a jury.

The Jamaican man was later awarded $250,000.

The case was led by Bowen and Wendel Robison was the second attorney. He commended the work of his colleague Bowen, who he said represented the client without flaw.

“Bowen did a splendid job. I wish to commend him. It goes to show that sometimes counsels working together can make the team even stronger. I have learned from his skill and his theory,” he said.

Robinson said the Crown called several witnesses, which when they gave evidence were conflicting and left a lot of loopholes and much to be desired.

Everton Francis Jr, the son of Everton Francis was the third attorney in the matter.


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