Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Skerrit says UWP election boycott “divine intervention”

Divine intervention. That’s what Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is calling a decision by the United Workers Party to stay away from the general elections.

Skerrit called a snap election in Dominica two and half years before it is constitutionally due and the UWP decided not to contest elections.

The party said the elections are unconstitutional, especially without voters’ ID cards and a clean electoral list

But Skerrit said last night that the UWP’s decision is perhaps God’s way of allowing residents of opposition-controlled constituencies to get the representation they deserve.

He told a political rally in his Vieille Case constituency that Marigot, Roseau North, and Salisbury are being represented by “lazy” men who have not done anything to better the lives of residents.   

“Dominica deserves better, Salisbury deserves better, Roseau North deserves better and Marigot deserves better,” the prime minister stated.


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