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Editorial Staff

Dominica: Two candidates withdraw from election race

The electoral commission in Dominica has confirmed that two candidates competing in the December 6th general elections have withdrawn their candidacies.

In a statement to the media on Monday, the electoral commission said Vincia Casey and Dr. Irvin Pascal handed in their withdrawal papers to the Returning officers today.

“They have forfeited their EC$500 deposit since their withdrawal did not take place seven days before the election. Casey and Pascal’s names will not appear on the ballots on December 6,” the statement said.

Casey was competing in the Salybia constituency against Cozier Pius Frederick of the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) and fellow independent Muta Justine Laville Matthew.

Pascal was competing in the St Joseph Constituency against the DLP’s Darron Tevin Lloyd, Clivian Ian Rolle of Team Unity Dominica, and independents Tiyani Behanzin, Clivian Ian Rolle, and Ferdinand Marcus Germain.

There are now 37 candidates competing in the election.

The electoral commission means that neither the names of Ms. Casey nor Dr. Pascal will appear on the ballot in these constituencies on polling day now that they have both informed the returning officer in the respective constituencies of their withdrawal by section 20 of the House of Assembly.

In both the Salybia and St Joseph Constituencies, there have been multiple candidates nominated, therefore a poll will be conducted on election day with only the remaining candidates’ names appearing on the ballot. Meanwhile, the Electoral Office says all is in place for the staging of the upcoming elections in Dominica.


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