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Editorial Staff

Shooting in St Lucia leaves three hospitalized

Three people have been hospitalized in St Lucia following a shooting in Dennery on Thursday.

Gun-related violence has been on the rise in St Lucia over the past several weeks and residents are calling for an end

According to reports from Castries, at about 10 pm on December 1, gunfire echoed through the community, leaving residents seeking cover.

The Dennery Fire Service responded to a distress call informing them that three people sustained gunshot injuries at New Field, Dennery.

All three remain in the hospital but reports are that only one is in critical condition.

One resident told reporters in that it seems residents had lost all ability to settle their issues without violence

“It is depressing to see how lawless and violent we are becoming as a people,” he said

He said during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Dennery was a hotspot for gun activity, with gunshots ringing out almost every night at one point.

“It should never get back to this, so I am urging all young persons to put down the guns, appreciate life, stop letting your parents bury you, and stop putting fear into the hearts of your friends and neighbors! Respect life.”

Over the past six years or so, St Lucia has seen an increase in gun-related violence.


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