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Editorial Staff

Students to benefit from new Commonwealth education initiative

Students in Antigua and Barbuda are expected to benefit from a new commonwealth education initiative launched on Friday.

The London-based Commonwealth Secretariat entered into a partnership with global digital skills provider, Simplilearn, providing more than 2,000 free e-learning courses to young learners in the Caribbean.

It said that in total, the partnership will result in 10,000-course places, which will give students access to crucial digital economy skills.

The partnership is estimated at US $5 million – to be made available to young people in Commonwealth countries throughout 2023.

Commonwealth Secretariate Patricia Scottland says “it is a huge pleasure to announce the first lot of course places for the Caribbean – a region with a thriving and talented young population”.

She said, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the associated economic fallout had hastened the rise of the digital economy.

“This is creating new economic pathways, livelihoods and job opportunities that support inclusive and sustainable development across the world. But there is a risk that a lack of digital readiness and skills caused by the digital divide could leave the Commonwealth’s young people behind,” Dr Ettiene said.


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