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Editorial Staff

UPDATE: Human remains found near pond in Wilikies

Human remains believed to be that of missing autistic teen Shamar Harrigan were found near a pond in Wilikies.

Residents who took part in a search put on by the Dragon Fly Foundation on Monday first discovered his personal belongings, a backpack, slippers, and a shirt near the pond in Wilikies

Shamar’s family has been doing all within their limited powers while the public continues to look, along with the police.

The Calvin Ayre Foundation had used helicopters to search for him scouring the country’s east coast. But there was no sign, not even a clue where Shamar could be.

The helicopter searched the eastern side of the island looking below the Willikies, Pares and Glanvilles areas but found nothing.

The 19-year-old is said to have the mental age of a seven-year-old.

He has been missing since November 14th.


  1. Anonymous

    They need to check the pound

    • Facts

      So if he is autistic, most like he jumped I’m the pond. Why would they think he is being held against his will ? If he thinks like a 7 yr old he would be curious and jump in d pond

      • Biggs

        I wonder if they check area before an clothes was not there dats y they say dat

    • T Ursula

      I agree with you

      • Anonymous

        I also agree with you, I immediately thought of the pond, and the fact that he thinks like a 7 yr old, he would definitely be curious about the water.

  2. Anonymous

    Ok. Then get the divers and search the pond. If he thinks like a7yr old he’s curious.Come on what’s the hold up?

  3. Anonymous

    Divers should search the pond helicopter not needed at this point maybe he fell in the pond autistic kids love fishes,maybe he was watching some.

  4. Elizabeth T

    Drag the pond please

  5. Julian Lewis

    While the backpack and other clothing might be that of the missing teen, the skeletal remains found in the vicinity cannot be that of the teen. If the picture of the human skull is the actual one found, it appears to be old. Somebody that has been missing for three weeks and died, even if the body was eaten by animals, or decaying maggots, the skeletal remains would still give off that odor. As suggested by others, that pond needs to be searched.


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  7. Just saying

    If he was drowned the chances are that the have found the “ body” in the pound because it will rise from the water.
    If there are remains that means it was a murder…


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