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Editorial Staff

Herbert Volney has died

The legal fraternity in Antigua and Barbuda and the Caribbean by extension are mourning the loss of former high court judge, Herbert Volney.

Volney died at around 7:45 this morning. He was 69.

His cause has not yet been disclosed but reports are that Volney suffered with heart disease and underwent heart surgery in 2010.

Dominica-born Volney launched his own political party in 2017, called “We The People”.

Senator and Minister in the Agriculture Minister Avinash Singh issued condolences, stating “We sat on opposing political parties but we were always cordial. Lately he was very interested in my agricultural post of produce on my parents farm. I invited him to visit only a few weeks ago. May his soul finds eternal peace and his family find the strength at this time.”

Volney was remembered by his ministerial colleague Dr Devant Maharaj, as one with a colorful character in cabinet as he was in the judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago.

 Always a quick wit he often painted himself as the custodian of Catholic values in cabinet and representing those with mixed heritage as he was equally proud of his Dominician roots.

Volney removal from office however appeared to have had a serious mental and emotional impact upon him as he political focus evolved into a singular bitterness tgat appeared to consume his latter years.

According to reports, with no prior political experience to his assuming office in 2010 Volney styled himself as a political expert following his political demise often making news with wild allegations or political positions.

Volney was a prolific user of social media, posting his thoughts about the state of Dominica and Trinidad and Tobago.


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