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Editorial Staff

UPP promises more entry-level jobs for youth

The main opposition, the United Progressive Party (UPP) says should it form the next government, it will incentivize businesses to create more entry-level jobs for young people in Antigua and Barbuda

According to a press statement, the aim is to ensure that young job seekers are more easily able to find gainful employment, especially those who do not require previous work experience or postgraduate qualifications. 

The new tax incentives will reward the creation of jobs in two categories including jobs requiring a maximum first degree and no previous work experience and jobs with only CXC or TVET entry requirements and with no previous work experience.

UPP Political Leader Harold Lovell says young job seekers often complain that employers prefer to hire people with previous work experience, creating a challenge for hundreds of new high school and university graduates.

“It is only right that a caring government intervenes to make it easier for school leavers to find gainful employment. The resulting tax savings will provide additional benefits to the economy, as companies will likely use tax savings for business expansion, including the hiring of more workers and increasing their purchases from suppliers, which ultimately creates even more new jobs,” he said

The UPP, according to the statement will relentlessly continue its efforts “to create a supportive environment that facilitates steady job growth, as our economy rebounds from years of Gaston Browne’s maladministration”.

Adding, “the goal of our job creation strategies is to stimulate healthy economic growth, where all job seekers are empowered. This is consistent with our focus on delivering “Relief, Recovery and Shared Prosperity.”


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