UWP calls for fresh general elections in Dominica

The United Workers Party, Dominica’s main opposition, has called for fresh general elections following a resounding 19-2 victory for the Dominica Labour Party.

The party said that in the wake of the snap elections of 6 December 2022 wishes to congratulate and thank its many supporters and the people of Dominica for sending a clear message to the ruling Dominica Labour Party (DLP) on the need to implement electoral reforms without further delay.

“The result of the elections has left no doubt on the need to ensure those reforms in order to re-establish the rule of law and to restore the democratic process in Dominica. It is clear from the turnout at the polls that the overwhelming number of UWP supporters heeded the call of the Party leadership to boycott the elections,” the UWP said.

According to the UWP, preliminary analysis of the data released by the Electoral Office shows that at least 98 percent of the persons who voted for the UWP in the last elections did not participate in the polls.

“The peaceful display and restraint exercised by the citizens of Dominica during a vexing election process is further evidence of the need for electoral reforms. In view of the overwhelming success of the boycott, we now have in place a government that enjoys less than 30 percent of the popular vote, which speaks to its illegitimacy,” the party said

The UWP, therefore, calls upon Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to immediately release the report and recommendations of Sir Denise Byron related to electoral reforms to the general public, and at the appropriate time to bring the legislation in support of those reforms before Parliament.

“At the same time, we urge the Election observers to recommend to their respective governments that they provide the necessary support to the government and people of Dominica in order that the required reforms be carried out in a quick a time as possible,” the party said.

Furthermore, the UWP also called on the Electoral Commission, to play its part in putting in place the necessary arrangements for the holding of free fair, and credible elections, once the reforms are completed.

“In particular, the UWP stresses the need to have a clean revised voters list including a complete reregistration of eligible voters and the issuance of Identification Cards to facilitate the voting process, among other reforms,” the statement said

The UWP further demand that fresh general elections take place immediately upon completion of the election reform process. In that way, the people of Dominica will be able to reestablish a credible government that enjoys the support of the majority of the citizens of this country.

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  1. Justin L. Simon

    Well articulated. The moral authority to govern is absent in the Dominica Labour Party despite its parliamentary numbers. How can anyone consider the elections to have been free and fair within a democratic system in the face of the PM’s dramatic announcement in full knowledge of the reform timetable det by Sir Dennis Byron? I applaud the UWP for its pricipled stand, and I congratulate the fortitude of the people who boycotted the self-evident corrupt process. None but ourselves can free our minds, and eventually free our society. The struggle is real.


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