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Editorial Staff

Recent criminal charges won’t faze Michael Browne

Member of Parliament for All Saints West Michael Browne says his recent legal issues, where he was arrested, charged, and later vindicated for a serious crime back in November 2020 will not affect his re-election into office.

Although Browne who was the education minister at the time of his arrest was found not guilty of the crime in December 2021, there are persons who believe that he is not fit for office, including his political opponent, DNA candidate Anthony Stuart, based on recent comments made by him.

But in an interview on Twin Island media on Wednesday, Browne said the people of his constituency are more concerned about the issues that affect them, than the incident, which he described as an attempt to blackmail him.

“The reality is, these are the concerns of my constituents; cleaning the constituency, infrastructural work in terms of the roads, that is also a challenge.

We’ve had quite a number of improvements in terms of the water, but we still want it to get even better,” Browne said.

He said “when you look at those three concerns, the reality is people are not really too concerned except those persons who primarily love cause confusion…that’s not a conversation at all. Until you [host] mentioned it, I myself probably would have forgotten about it like my constituents,” the now Minister of Creative Industries and Innovation added.

He concluded that people in All Saint’s West have known him since he was a child and some have said that “they have never even heard someone say you’ve had any inappropriate conversation with them.”


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