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Editorial Staff

Grenada suspends mail delivery to the Caribbean and Canada

Grenada won’t be sending mails to the Caribbean and Canada, blaming a lack of cargo air transportation from the country

The Grenada Postal Corporation said today Tuesday that it will return to normal service by mid-January 2023

Genelle Bowen, the marketing and communications customer relations officer said “right now, we use commercial carriers for the service but because of the increase in passengers traveling with the airline we use, there is no room for carrying out mail, the priority with the airline is for passenger’s luggage,”

Mail delivery service to the Caribbean and Canada was a guaranteed service the cash-strapped regional airline, LIAT offered to the GPC before 2020. Though LIAT has resumed service with limited flights to Grenada it is unable to continue the mail-carrying and delivery service.

The current arrangement is with American Airlines. Bowen explained that mail from Grenada to the affected jurisdictions must first go to the USA before it reaches its final intended destination.

“It, therefore, means that mails are taking longer to arrive, and having receive notice that the passenger’s luggage is the priority, we cannot guarantee when mails will be delivered, so that is why the service is suspended,” she said.

It was also explained that mail from the United Kingdom will be affected because of planned industrial action.

Airport staff working for the UK Border Force are due to walk out from December 23 to 26, and again from December 28 to New Year’s Eve.


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