Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Gardiner made first presentation in Senate this week

Caleb Gardiner, the newest member of the Senate made his first appearance earlier this week after he was officially sworn in recently.

Gardiner, 23, is replacing Eustace Teco Lake who has retired from the legislature.

He made his maiden contribution to debate in Parliament’s Upper House when members debated a bill to allow election scrutineers to receive a pension.

“I would like to firstly thank the Prime Minister, Gaston Brown, for his faith in allowing me to serve the people of Antigua and Barbuda as well as the youth. Secondly, to my support team, my parents, my friends, and persons who have stood by me for the last couple of years, I really and truly appreciate them,” he said

“And to my colleagues who have given me these remarks of support and knowledge leading up to this debate, I really and truly appreciate it as well as, you know, my colleagues on the other side, you know. Madam President, my role in this House is simple, is to inform, educate and advocate not only for young persons but persons who were vulnerable in our society,” he said.

Gardiner was welcomed by members of both sides of the house.


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