Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

“Manage your waste properly” says Spencer

The General Manager of the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) Daryl Spencer is appealing to the public to practice personal responsibility when it comes to managing their waste this yuletide season.

Spencer says the “clarion cry” heading into the Christmas, New year season has always been for “personal responsibility and civic pride”.

“Though we have a responsibility as the NSWMA to manage solid waste, the people of Antigua and Barbuda has a responsibility for their own safety, their health and their own aesthetically pleasing general surroundings.

“So, it is the responsibility of the people to ensure that they secure themselves by securing their waste,” Spencer said.

“I know that a lot more food waste will be generated, also a lot of householders will be doing some cleaning, some refurbishing, changing that furniture and the likes. So we will also have a requirement for more bulk waste collection,” he added.

But while the demand for collection will be greater the NSWMA boss says rather than persons putting their waste by the roadside for pick up, they should instead allow the authority to collect it “in the appropriate way, rather than creating an unsightly and unsafe situation around your households.”


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