Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Bermuda reports rising COVID-19 & RSV cases in nursing homes

Covid-19 and respiratory illness are on the rise in Bermuda, forcing the government there to put the country on alert.

On Friday, Health Minister Kim Wilson said the hospital is experiencing an increase in patients visiting the ER and being admitted with respiratory illnesses.

“And sadly, we have quite a few of our nursing homes with COVID outbreaks as well,” he said.

Wilson encouraged residents and visitors to wear masks and test for COVID-19 frequently before visiting vulnerable friends and family during this festive season.

Although the wearing of masks is not mandatory in Bermuda, the health minister encouraged businesses to set up policies to mandate the wearing of masks.

“I strongly encourage everyone to wear a mask in indoor public spaces. And remember to avoid the ‘Three Cs’: close contact, crowded spaces, and confined places with poor ventilation. The ‘Three Cs’ are especially important if you live in a high-risk household with people who have pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, lung disease, heart disease or anyone who is immune-compromised,” Wilson stated.

So far, 32 residents and staff at care homes have been affected.


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