Pastor shot dead in Portmore JA

Editorial Staff

Dec 20, 2022

A pastor has been shot and killed in his Portmore home on Monday. Lynval Lewis, the pastor at the Spanish Town Tabernacle and Greater Portmore Tabernacle, has died while receiving treatment at the hospital.

According to reports from Kingston, pastor Lewis was attacked just after midday by a gunman who opened fire at him while he was driving from his house on North West 10th Way in Greater Portmore, St Catherine.

“The gunman is believed to have accosted him. The incident occurred in the presence of other family members who were traveling with him. As he came under gunfire, Lewis lost control of the motorcar he was driving, which veered off the roadway and onto a sidewalk, coming to a halt in a clump of small trees, meters away from his home,” according to a report from the Gleaner.

Meanwhile, members of the Pastor’s church are in shock.


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