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Editorial Staff

Smoking pot in public illegal St Kitts

The Attorney General of St Kitts has said that it is illegal to smoke in public places and persons could be fined or even serve some jail time

Garth Wilkin in the National Assembly today, informed the general public that smoking marijuana in public places is illegal in the Federation.  

The Attorney General outlined why he had to remind the public about this law:  

“I did this because the Attorney General’s Office and the Royal Saint Christopher & Nevis Police Force have received numerous reports that excessive public marijuana smoking is occurring throughout the Federation and it has been affecting persons’ health (particularly the asthmatic) and persons’ ability to enjoy public spaces and events.” 

According to the Drugs (Prevention and Abatement of the Misuse and Abuse of Drugs) (Amendment) Act enacted in July 2019 : 

“A person found smoking cannabis or cannabis resin in any public place, not including a registered place of worship of the Rastafarian faith, or any place authorised by this Act and any Regulations made under this Act, shall be issued with a fixed penalty notice for one thousand dollars or in default of payment, shall be liable to up to twenty hours of community service, or in default to a term of five days imprisonment” 

“Public place” includes an indoor or outdoor area, whether privately or publicly owned, to which the public has access by right or by invitation, expressed or implied, whether by payment of money or not. (Source Loop)


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